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July 29, 2012

EVOS in Roswell GAEVOS

By Julie Paulk

Imagine a world where fast-food is actually healthy food. Picture burgers and fries with 50%-70% less fat. Visualize all natural foods, no preservative, no nitrates or antibiotics. Impossible? Not any more! EVOS is a healthy fast-food restaurant that empowers kids, parents and schools to make healthier choices.

The food at EVOS is hormone, nitrate and antibiotic free. The beef is raised naturally on family farms. The food practically goes straight from the earth to your mouth. Give your kids air-baked chicken strips instead of fatty fried chicken strips. Their hamburger buns are even made without the unhealthy white flour, but you would never know it by the look or taste.  EVOS in Roswell GA

EVOS is home to the Championburger – the cholesterol free, meatless burger with natural cheddar cheese.

Are you tired of the unhealthy meals served at your kids school? EVOS can deliver meals to schools to offer healthy, delicious lunch options to make everyone happy. Visit They offer the Healthy Kids Lunch Program. “Evos delivers a lunchbox filled with nutritious food that your kid will love, directly to their school or camp.”

Besides offering better choices for school, EVOS promotes healthy meals in the workplace. Catering is a specialty at EVOS. They are not your typical catered meal. As EVOS puts it: “Choosing EVOS to cater your event is like giving a giant hug to your guests and our planet.”

EVOS in Roswell GA

EVOS in Roswell GA

So what foods can you find at EVOS? 100% natural fruit smoothies, delicious milk shakes with multi-vitamins added, hand-tossed salads made to order, healthy burgers, air-baked fries, delicious wraps and air-baked chicken strips.

Where most restaurants offer sweet or unsweet tea, EVOS offers “Fair Trade Organic Green Tea,” “Ruby Red Herbal Raspberry Tea,” and “Traditional Chinese Black Pekoe Tea.”

EVOS serves food your way or no way and offers a 100% taste guarantee.  EVOS in Roswell GA

David Esmie is the proud owner of EVOS in Sandy Springs. When his daughter was on the way, he started eating more healthy and realized there was nowhere to eat healthy fast food. He began trying to find the right recipe for chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. While working on his business plan, he discovered EVOS. Instead of reinventing the wheel, he saw that EVOS was offering exactly what he was envisioning.

Thanks to David’s desire to provide healthy food to his children, parents around Sandy Springs can now enjoy a delicious and healthy alternative to the fatty fast-food options that are presented to us along every few blocks.

EVOS in Roswell GA

EVOS in Roswell GA

David has extended a special offer to our readers: Get a Free Evos meal with the purchase of an Adult meal of equal or greater value.

EVOS is located at 5590 Roswell Rd. Suite 140, Sandy Springs, GA. Hours: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday – Saturday.

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